Styling in Task Instructions (via Parth on Livecycle)

Styling in Task Instructions This is really exciting!! I knew that this can be done in LiveCycle 7 but never tried it till now in LiveCycle ES. Ok.. let me describe what it is. What it is? I found out that we can add styling to the Task Instructions that apear in Workspace. This means that we can have Red font, Bold statuses/instructions based on the task description that we put in Assign Task step of the orchestration. Why you need it? Let's say for example, A Task is deadl … Read More

via Parth on Livecycle

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Interior Styling (via Love This Life)

Interior Styling I don't know about you but I find styling to be one of the most challenging parts of interior design. I can pick wall colors, carpet, plumbing, and even furniture all day long, but when it comes to styling, I get nervous. It's most definitely an ART form and I'm learning.  Right now, I consider myself  a beginner and maybe by the time I actually have to start furnishing our new home this summer, I will be an intermediate 😉  Styling is so importa … Read More

via Love This Life

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Protective Styling (via It’s a Crazy, Coily Life)

The infamous hair idol, Wanakee, was once quoted as saying that the thing that robs our hair of moisture. Dang, for real? I mean, it makes since, but then how do I keep my hair moisturized and healthy in order to maintain length? This is where protective styling comes in to play! Hair grows from being pushed out of the scalp, therefore making the ends of your hair the most fragile.  Protective styling is a method by which you protect those fragil … Read More

via It's a Crazy, Coily Life

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Hair Styling Iron Review (via Redd07’s Blog)

Hair Styling Iron Review I have to say after using many different hair straightening irons such as some of the top brands like CHI and FHI I was amazed at how well my new Karmin Hair Styling Iron worked! This Professional Iron truly proves that you do not have to pay over $200 for a Professional Hair Iron! My hair is incredibly soft, smooth and shiny! No more annoying frizz … Read More

via Redd07's Blog

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Hair Care – Protect Hair from Heat Styling (via Hair Products Pro)

Hair Care - Protect Hair from Heat Styling When using heated styling tools such as hair dryers, curling irons and hair straightening irons, it is very important to use a hair treatment to help protect hair from damage. When using heat styling tools, the high heat and the actual styling itself, think going over hair repeatedly with a flat iron, can cause breakage, split ends and dry, brittle hair. Using a hair care product that is meant to nourish and protect hair from heat styling will he … Read More

via Hair Products Pro

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Styling in Style (via LocLum)

Styling in Style LocLum's newest entry into styling material is our make-up mirror with incorporated daylight (5400º K) lamps. The mirror actually consists of 3 foldable mirrors that can be varied in angle for best vision. When folded, they form a trolley suitcase, rugged and easy to transport. The make-up mirror completes out styling material around steamers, irons, wardrobes, changing tubes and so on. … Read More

via LocLum

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John Carafoli – the icon of food styling (via Grey Matter Concept)

John Carafoli - the icon of food styling   carafoli You can't say that you're in the food styling industry if you don't know this gentlemen named John F. Carafoli. He is a world class New York based food stylist. His book "Food Photography and Styling" has been regarded as the 'bible' of those who want to get their hand dirty in the food styling/photography industry. You can … Read More

via Grey Matter Concept

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